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Divorce Law

Navigating Divorce in South Africa: Frequently Asked Questions

Divorce is a challenging and emotional journey for anyone, regardless of the duration of the marriage or the circumstances which have led to its breakdown. The divorce process follows specific legal procedures and regulations and, if you’re considering filing for a divorce, you probably have many questions, which we are here to answer! In this

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Commercial Law

Trade Mark Registration Process in South Africa

STEP 1: Preliminary Registration Before proceeding with a trade mark registration, it is advisable to conduct preliminary research online, and in the trade, to ensure that your proposed logo, name or slogan is not being used by another business. If this is not done, money and time could be wasted by choosing a trade mark

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Firm updates

The joining of two forces to create Dolata Clement & Co.

JJB Attorneys headed up by Jessica-Jayde Dolata, and MC Attorneys headed up by Maxine Clement, have joined forces to establish a new law firm in South Africa: Dolata Clement & Co. The joining of these two forces involves a strategic reorganisation and consolidation of both firms and is aimed at creating a leading litigation and

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Family Law

Marital Regimes in South Africa

In this article we will be discussing the consequences of the different marital regimes and what it means to have an ante-nuptial contract. Marriage in South Africa is the union of two persons, with inability to validly marry another person during such time. It creates certain invariable consequences (i.e. cannot be changed), such as: Both

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